Frame material

January 17, 2019

metallic material

The metal materials used for the frames are copper alloys, nickel alloys and precious metals.

It is required to have certain hardness, softness, elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, luster and good color. Therefore, the metal materials used to make the spectacle frames are almost all alloys or used after processing the metal surface.

1, white copper frame (copper-zinc alloy)

The main components are copper 64%, zinc 18%, nickel 18%, the frame material is the cheapest and easy to process electroplating is mainly used to manufacture hinges, etc., small parts and low-end frames.

2, high nickel alloy frame

The nickel content is as high as 80% or more, mainly nickel-chromium alloy, manganese-nickel alloy, etc., high-nickel alloy has better corrosion resistance, and the material has good elasticity.

3, Monel material frame

Nickel-copper alloy, nickel content of 63% copper about 28%, in addition to iron, manganese and other small amounts of metal, in particular: corrosion resistance, high strength, strong welding, the most used material for the mid-range.

4, pure titanium frame

Titanium has a specific gravity of only 4.5, is very resistant to corrosion, and its strength is twice that of steel. It is used to make space shuttle case, etc. It is called "space metal", and there is no metal allergy. Early titanium has difficulty in cutting and welding is difficult. The problem, with the development of technology, these problems have been gradually solved in the Japanese market, titanium has become the mainstream, and titanium in the European and American markets is mainly from Japan. Titanium frames are generally indicated as Ti-P or TiTAN and are essentially made of titanium except for tows, hinges, and screws.

5, memory titanium frame

It refers to a new alloy composed of nickel and titanium in atomic ratio of 1:1, which is 25% lighter than the general alloy and has the same corrosion resistance as titanium, and the elasticity is very good. Memory titanium alloy: characterized by shape memory below 0 °C, high elasticity between 0-40 °C, memory titanium corrosion resistance higher than Monel and high nickel alloy, but better than pure titanium and beta - Titanium is a bit weaker.

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