Functional factors to consider when selecting frames

January 12, 2019

(1) The function of the lens to control the lens

When selecting the frame, the interaction with the lens should be considered: the larger the frame size, the larger the effective diameter of the frame, the larger the minimum lens blank required, and the thicker and heavier the corresponding lens after cutting. High- and low-spherical lenses therefore require small, symmetrical, round or square frames, and a frame with a long meridian is not suitable. The gradient mirror requires a frame of appropriate height, that is, a vertical distance from the center of the pupil to the bottom of the groove in the mirror ring of at least 22 mm.

For highly astigmatic lenses, the meridian direction with the highest degree of mirroring needs to be considered. For lenses with a size of +6.00/-4.00*180, you need to choose a narrower, taller frame. The height of the frame should be larger, so that the thickness of the top and bottom edges is not too thick. For lenses with a size of +6.00/-4.00*90, choose a wider, lighter frame.

(2) Wearing purpose 

When choosing a frame, consider the purpose of wearing the glasses. Some frames may be suitable for everyday wear, but may not be suitable for people with special requirements; some frames are only suitable for certain environments.

mirror comfort

You also need to consider the comfort of wearing when choosing the right frame. Factors that affect wearing comfort include the weight of the frame and the lens, which depends not only on the weight of the frame material, but also on the size and thickness of the frame and lens. In addition, the fit of the frame will also affect the wearing comfort, and it is necessary to properly select and adjust the frame. The importance of the comfort of the frame can not be ignored, complaining that the wearer of the frame is no less than the person complaining about the vision of the glasses.


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