Glasses frame selection method

October 11, 2018

A good frame should be stable, safe, reliable, and harmless to the skin, and lightweight, strong and not deformed. For the customer, it is often purchased from the perspective optical shops or online shops.

Select frames according to vision conditions and uses

Length of wear

If the glasses are worn for a long time, other conditions can be appropriately relaxed and a lighter shelf can be selected to reduce the wearing fatigue. If the glasses are only worn when the eyes are used for reading, watching TV, etc., the frames can be selected according to individual needs.

Vision status

Half-frame and frameless frames are not suitable for high myopia. Because the thickness of the lens is thicker and the frameless frame is not only unsightly but also easy to damage. Those with higher astigmatism should not use the frameless frame, because the lens with the frameless frame will have the problem of displacement of the astigmatism axis after a long time of use, which will cause the object to be deformed.     

Specific needs

If the purpose of the optician is largely for the matching of the image and the attendance occasion. At the same time, in the case that the vision condition is not limited to the frame, you can choose according to your specific needs. Those who are often engaged in large-scale physical activity and exercise should choose a frame with a more compact frame and plastic sheet material to reduce the chance of the glasses being damaged by accidental fall. At the same time, we also recommend wearing contact lenses during exercise.

People who are busy and frequent business trips can choose the frame of memory material to avoid deformation damage caused by frequent picking, littering, or being broken due to improper placement when taking the train or plane. Crushed.


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