How to clean and maintain the glasses frame

October 19, 2018

1. Use ultrasonic cleaning to remove the dirt inside by vibration. Generally, the optical shop has this service, which is basically free.

2. When the lens frame of the full frame glasses frame is dirty, you can unscrew the screw yourself, remove the lens and wipe it off with a paper towel.

3, if the screw is loose, please get the glasses shop to tighten, or the lens is easy to fall on the ground to break. Do not handle it at will

4, cosmetics or cosmetic agents and other chemical products, it is easy to make the frame fade, please wipe with glasses or paper.

5, most of the glasses are first gently folded from the left mirror foot, if the hard fold from the right first, it will lead to the frame itself is unbalanced, skewed, making you uncomfortable after wearing.

6, in order to play the correct function of the glasses, the optical center of the lens is made in the eye area that suits you, please wear it in the correct position.

7, with a single hand to wear glasses, easy to deform the frame. If the frame is changed, you should find the local glasses master to adjust the angle, do not adjust it yourself, so as not to break the lens and damage the frame.

8. Don't put it in a place where the sun is easy to reach for a long time. Because the frame is light and pyrolyzed, it is easy to fade. Especially the plate frame, friends who drive, please do not put it on the dashboard of the car.

9. Dry with a special cloth for glasses. Do not touch the hard object on the lens. Do not wipe the lens with your fingers. Use a clean mirror cloth to wipe the lens to reduce lens wear.

10. Do not place the convex surface of the lens downward. If not used, put it into the eye box as much as possible. If the glasses are not worn, please wrap the glasses in a mirror cloth and put them into the mirror box to avoid damage.

11. Please rest your baby next to you when you are resting.

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