How to look at glasses

January 24, 2019

It should be worn frequently after wearing glasses, because the glasses make the ametropic eyes tend to be normal, and the ability of people with normal eyes can be close to or obtained. Wearing the right glasses, everything will change, providing the prerequisites for getting close to or meeting the normal child, may help him become a promising talent, do not underestimate the role of glasses. People with farsightedness use more different degrees of adjustment than reading normal eyes. They are prone to visual fatigue, and they have symptoms such as blurred words, tired eyes, eye pain and even headaches and irritability. Therefore, reading can not last, affecting work and study. People with obvious astigmatism also have similar symptoms, and the symptoms are eliminated after wearing glasses. Therefore, whether it is myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and glasses, you should always wear it.

Many people with myopia have heard that people often wear glasses and myopia will increase, and the degree will become deeper and deeper, rather than wearing glasses. In fact, this statement and practice is wrong. People with myopia, because the parallel rays entering the eye focus on the front of the retina, it is not clear to see distant objects. If you put on a pair of suitable glasses, you can move the image of the retina backwards, just on the retina, so that you can see things in the distance and the chances of eye fatigue are less. When people with myopia wear glasses, the degree of myopia is generally not deepened, because whether or not myopia is increased is not related to glasses (except for those who do not follow the degree). Some patients wear glasses, wear them for a while, and don't wear them for a while. This is also easy to cause eye fatigue and aggravate myopia.

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