Optical glasses precautions

October 24, 2019

1. Optical glasses should be worn. Note: Take the temples and take them in parallel along the sides of the face. If you use one hand to remove it, it will damage the left and right balance of the frame and cause deformation.

Suggestion: Please do not use the over-deformed spectacle frame. Otherwise, the data of all aspects of the glasses will exceed the tolerance range of the national standard due to the deformation of the frame, which may cause visual distortion of the eyes.

2. Placement method of optical glasses:

If you are temporarily placing the glasses, please put the convex side of the glasses face up; if you are putting the glasses for a long time, please put them in the glasses case with glasses cloth, put the mirror box on your ear and shake it gently to distinguish the glasses. Is there any pressure on the mirror box?

Suggestion: Please do not use lenses that have scratches, stains, cracks, etc., otherwise it will be unclear because of the scattered light. If you continue to do so, your eyesight will drop.

3. Optical glasses storage method:

When storing glasses, please avoid contact with corrosive articles such as insecticides, toilet products, cosmetics, hair gels, and pharmaceuticals. Otherwise, the lenses and frames will be deteriorated, deteriorated, or discolored.

Suggestion: Glasses frames or glasses are attached with sweat, juice, hair spray (agent), cosmetics, etc. Please clean the glasses with professional glasses cleaning solution immediately.

4. Cleaning method of optical glasses:

When the spectacle lens is stained with dust or dirt, dry rubbing is easy to grind the lens, rinse with water and then use a soft paper towel to absorb moisture. If the lens is dirty, clean the glasses with a professional eyewash solution, then rinse with water, then use a soft tissue to absorb the water.   

Recommendation: Regularly clean the glasses with a professional eyeglass cleaning solution, which will extend the life of the lens.

5. When the optical frames are deformed:

The lens frame will be deformed after being repeatedly picked up. At this time, the nose or the ear will feel the burden caused by the deformation of the frame. Excessive deformation of the frame, the lens will also fall off. In this case, please hand the glasses to the technicians in the professional store, they can help you.

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