Tips for cleaning glasses

January 30, 2019

The principle of cleaning glasses is to keep them bright and clean, free from oil stains and to avoid scratching the lenses. It can be cleaned with neutral soap or special detergent. After washing with water, wipe it with lens paper or soft tissue. Many people have the habit of picking up the corners, handkerchiefs, etc. This is an incorrect action. Because the rough material is easy to scratch the lens. Clean the gap between the frames and gently scrub with a soft old toothbrush to remove dirt.

Collect glasses carefully

The method of placing the glasses should also form a fixed habit. First, wrap the lens with flannel cloth, then gather the left frame, and then gather the right frame. To prevent the glasses from being stressed, the glasses can be placed in the hard glasses collection box.

Maintenance of contact lenses

Lightly thin contact lenses are placed on the eyeballs. Once contaminated, they immediately and directly damage the eyes, so be careful not to be lazy.


In addition to patients with eye diseases, general contact lenses suffer from three types of pollution; the first is external pollution, such as dust, grease, cosmetics, and detergents in the air. The second is the eye itself, such as protein and mucus secretions in tears. The third is the contamination of bacteria and mold. Therefore, in addition to carefully avoiding scratches, cleaning and maintenance contact lenses must completely achieve the three tasks of cleaning, sterilization, and protein removal.

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