Classification Of Sunglasses

January 03, 2019

Color sunglasses

Mainly rely on its own absorption of light to achieve the purpose of reducing the intensity of sunlight. Different coloring compounds are added to the glass to make sunglasses of different colors, and the wavelengths of light waves they absorb are also different.

Coated sunglasses

It is a metal film coated on the glass lens, which relies on the reflection of the lens to protect the eyes.

Color-changing glasses

It is usually colorless and transparent indoors, and when exposed to sunlight, it quickly turns gray or other colors. The color of this type of glasses can automatically become darker or lighter depending on the strength of the sun. This is because a small amount of silver halide is added to the color lens as a sensitizer, and a trace amount of copper is used as a sensitizer. This self-adjusting light and dark lens can be ground into a lens with a degree of corrective vision and is suitable for use in patients with myopia and hyperopia. Unfortunately, its degree cannot exceed ±3 diopters (commonly known as 300 degrees), because the degree is large, the thickness of the center and the edge are very different, and the difference in color between the glasses is greatly different.

Plastic lenses:

It is coated with a certain color and has anti-ultraviolet effect, but its anti-infrared performance is very poor. From a cool point of view, it is not as good as a glass lens, and it is not suitable for summer wear.

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