Eyewear Industry Formation

January 04, 2019

In the history of China, with the development of individual handicrafts, the use of glasses for natural glass to the use of glass, the use of glasses began to promote and expand to the public, and the production technology has also developed.

China's Gusu (Suzhou) is the birthplace of China's glasses. Suzhou has not only produced a long history of glasses, but also played a significant role in promoting the development of China's optical industry. In the early years of Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty (1628 AD), there was an outstanding technician in the history of Suzhou glasses. The name was Sun Yunqiu, the word Wenyu, and the word Qibin, the original Wujiang. He was very diligent and eager to learn. At that time, he saw that people with poor eyesight were very painful, but the use of "single photo" mirrors was inconvenient. So he carefully developed a lens that can be often placed on the glasses. After repeated trials and experiments, he used the mechanical principle to invent and create the lens grinding machine - the traction car. This kind of locomotive is the so-called classically processed water orange. It is rotated by the pedals. It uses ore sand, white mud, brick ash, etc. as abrasive or polishing material, and the lens is ground into a convex-concave lens to adapt to the eye refraction. The need, finally finally mastered the grinding technology. The lens is made from natural crystal stone. At the same time, he mastered the technology of "opposite light" (optometry), developed presbyopia, myopia, farsightedness and other kinds of luminosity lenses according to people's age and different visions, and compiled a set of "sense to mirror" "The original optometry method is used for eye examination. This way, you can wear glasses with your eyes, the effect is not bad, wearing on the face is also more convenient and comfortable, to meet the needs of each person's vision, this is the beginning of China's independent optometry.

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