Glasses Function

December 08, 2018

From the function of the lens, it has the effect of regulating the amount of light entering the eye, increasing vision, protecting eye safety and clinically treating eye diseases. Children with ametropia caused by refractive error and ametropia with headache can be treated with glasses. The function of the eyeglass frame, in addition to the lens supporting the lens, is worn on the human eye to play a supporting role, and it also has a cosmetic and decorative effect. Modern pop-ups emphasize that glasses must be in harmony with the facial makeup and costumes of the times, reflecting the high social class, elegant learning, fashion and so on.

With the rapid development of social technology, with the continuous improvement of people's culture and living standards, and the development of vision care, glasses will play an important role in people's life. "Experts say that taking a mirror is a "just need" for many people, so they will not give up surgery because of some comments. On the contrary, they will spend more energy to investigate and find a solution. 27-year-old grandson Mr. is going to return to Nanjing to finish the surgery in the end of the year, but the news of Cai Ruifang’s "sealing the knife" gave him a good start. Mr. Sun has been paying attention to the development of the matter until later, Cai Ruifang himself explained that "it was misunderstood, not to continue to do LASIK. Because LASIK is considered to be potentially dangerous or problematic, there are other considerations. LASIK is currently the safest and most effective procedure for myopia, which can correct the degree of myopia very accurately. Mr. Sun is more determined to be determined by his surgery.


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