How To Choose The Sunglasses That Suit You

January 12, 2019


The right sunglasses are like the right shoes and bags for the best fashion statement. In the early 20th century, Hollywood star artists first wore sunglasses to block the bright lights of the studio. Later, it became a must-have "weapon" to drive the trend of sunglasses. After the actor Tom Cruise wore Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses in the 1986 Top Gun, the sales of the sunglasses surged.

Face frame

The sunglasses are the focal point of the entire face, which effectively outlines the face, just like a thick waistband that highlights the skirt. What kind of face type, what kind of sunglasses should I wear? The following is the suggestion of optometrist Chen Huifen: Miu Miu ultra-thick plastic sunglasses play black and white, and the design of the temples is clear.

1. Elliptical face: with square, or smaller positive rectangular frame sunglasses. This face is the most pleasing, suitable for any kind of frame.

2. Round face type: With the larger lens of the lens, the rectangular frame is the best, and the contour is outlined.

3. Square face: with a round or oval frame, wide enough to be light enough.

4. Water chest face: with a one-piece frame.

Stylish sunglasses style

Recent stream

The line of sunglasses is a plastic frame with oversized lenses. The lens is best to cover half of the face or the entire face. The lens is large enough to effectively block the sun to prevent ultraviolet radiation. Candy-colored plastic oversized frame sunglasses are the most star-studded models, and super fun!

The plastic frame provides more design space. Watch D&G's color of the frame, play the crystal logo, and play the stencil, which is a test of the courage of the wearer.

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