Sunglasses Lens Color Classification

January 04, 2019

Pink lens

This is a very common color. It absorbs 95% of UV light and some shorter wavelengths of visible light. In fact, such a function is similar to a generally uncolored lens, which means that the pink lens does not have a greater protective effect than a general lens. But for some people, there is still a lot of psychological help, because they feel comfortable to wear.

Gray lens

It absorbs infrared light and 98% of UV rays. The biggest advantage of gray lenses is that they don't change the original color of the scene due to the lens. The most satisfying thing is that it can effectively reduce the light intensity.

Green lens

The green lens can be said to be represented by the "Ray-Ban series" lens, which, like the gray lens, can effectively absorb infrared light and 99% of ultraviolet light. But green lenses can distort the color of certain scenes. Moreover, its effect of blocking light is slightly inferior to that of gray lenses, however, green is still not a good protective lens.

Brown lens

This type of lens absorbs light in much the same way as a green lens, but absorbs more blue light than a green lens. The brown lens causes the color to be distorted more than the gray and green lenses, so the average person's satisfaction is also low. But it offers a choice of colors, and can reduce the halo of the blue light to make the image clearer.

Yellow lens

It absorbs 100% of UV light and allows infrared rays and 83% of visible light to penetrate the lens. The biggest feature of yellow lenses is that they absorb most of the blue light. Because the sun shines through the atmosphere, it is mainly represented by blue light (which explains why the sky is blue). The yellow lens absorbs the blue light and makes the natural scene clearer. Therefore, the yellow lens is often used as a "filter" or used by hunters during hunting. However, no one can prove that the shooter is better off because of wearing yellow glasses and shooting.

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