Sunglasses Quality Standards And Network Terms

November 01, 2018

Quality Standard

Eyes are the same as skin. If exposed to strong UV rays, prolonged exposure to the sun can increase the risk of cataracts. Therefore, when selecting sunglasses, it is necessary to consider the UV function, and the stronger the filtering function, the better the protection effect. Many people think that the deeper the lens is, the more it can avoid the sun's stimulation. Actually it is not. The deeper the lens is, the larger the pupil's pupil is placed, so if there is no UV filtering function, the damage to the eye will be greater. The national quality standard for sunglasses is: can pass more than 95 cages of ultraviolet light; the light transmittance should be 5%-30%, the double-sided lenses are evenly colored and the difference is not more than 5%, and the object is not deformed when viewed. Comfortable and beautiful.

Network language

Originated from the "light" network vocabulary. "Bright" is used to describe someone's content with highlights, humor, shocking and so on. Sunglasses are things that block light and light. When someone publishes content that is too connotative and too astounding, its brightness can't resist even the lens, and even the degree of fragmentation, everyone will exclaim: my sunglasses are broken! Refers to the equipment used to resist glare, preventing your glasses from being hedged. After the production of alloy sunglasses, high-strength tempered glass sunglasses, etc., the usage is similar.

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